Category: Numbers

Numbers are the backbone of Mathematics. Without them, Mathematics has no existence. They give definiteness to everything, for instance, if we have to measure distance or weight won’t be possible without them. Now,We ‘ll discuss- What are numbers?, Why the numbers in mathematics exist? Initially, we understand what are numbers?–

What are Numbers in Maths?? :

These (N) are nothing but certain types of symbols that we use for counting. Also, these provide us freedom to operate them. Such as we can Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide,… etc. There are lots of Operations we can apply on them. Also, they give definite answers to them.

Why Numbers in mathematics exist?? :

The most essential & basic reason behind their existence is for counting. There must be some authenticated and fixed series of symbols which not only can support counting but also their values should be constant everywhere. These are basic requirements for them.

This category is of the high importance. In this category, we are going to discuss lot of types.. such as- Real, Complex, Rational, Irrational, Natural, Even,Odd,… etc.