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Operations Research – From Root to Tips

Terminologies in OR

Terminologies used in Operations Research

Hey there! in this post we are going to introduce terminologies in OR, such as Objective function, Net evaluation row, ...
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Graphical banner

Graphical Method

Graphical Method: Graph can illustrate every problem in lpp maths easily and properly. Here discussed the solution of LPP maths ...
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Introduction-Operations Research

Introduction to Operations Research

Hello Reader! You have read about Operations Research,solutions using O.R. this is quite new topic we are going to discuss ...
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Simplex Method

Simplex method with example

Simplex Method: Steps involved in basic Simplex method are as follows: First check that the objective function must be maximizing ...
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Set Theory

sets & sequences

Confusing concepts in Sets & Sequences

Hello reader! There are various basic concepts in Mathematics such as-Difference between Open & closed sets, Relation between sets & ...
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Set theory

All about Set Theory

Hey reader! Many times we use the term 'Set',its representation, but we are not very well aware about it. This ...
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All About Algebra


What are Ideals

Ideals: In previous post, we've discussed about "Rings". Now, this post talks about what are Ideals, and its definitions that ...
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Ring Theory

Ring Theory in Mathematics

This post talks about what is Ring Theory in Mathematics also Rings and its properties in details. Rings takes the ...
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Algebraic method for polynomial roots

Algebraic Methods for Polynomial roots

This post talks about the algebraic methods for finding roots of polynomials. (or Solutions of a polynomial) . Here, we'll ...
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Group Theory

Group Theory – Basics

Group Theory is a branch of Algebra that study properties, operations & different aspects of the group. Such as, Group ...
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